What some of my patients have said :

'I feel calmer and more in control. I can now do things I like and not feel guilty. I feel I've moved on.' ' I think positive and feel that I have improved a lot in many things that were troubling me before, such as learning how to say no, feeling less guilty, find ways to distress and take care more for myself.'

Alexandra Chatzidaki (31), Manager - Private Banking


"I can see things in a more optimistic way now and feel more determined.  I can do a lot more things now".

Vassilis A (35), Accountant


'I feel that I have moved through the depression and hopelessness that has held me back for so long. Now I am moving forwards towards a positive future.'

Artist - Fine Art Technician

"Acupuncture has helped me find faith again".

Yeow Chor Lu (40), Project Finance Manager

'After each of my acupuncture sessions I have felt refreshed and revitilised. The treatments designed to relieve the stresses of classroom teaching have far exceeded my expectations leaving me very relaxed and ready to face students with renewed vigour.

I have tried other forms of relaxation therapies but none matches the re-energising feelings I get from acupuncture.'

Tony H (47), Teacher


Comments after each treatment :

1st :
'I felt motivated and energetic. I went for a run twice a week, started healthier diet and felt less affected emotionally.'
2nd :
'Ifeel my energy is more open and flowing'
3rd :
'I felt peaceful inside, stronger and generally happy with life and work.  I think people felt that and were generally nicer to me.'
4th :
'I felt real heartfelt happiness. I feel more myself now.I have noticed my face looks different in its expression.'
5th :
'I notice what takes me away from myself. I know now what makes me tired and unhappy and how to make my own happiness.'
6th :

'I feel happy and I think I look happy.  I lost weight but I eat the same. I feel generally good, steady and I want to move on holding the way I feel now.'

Monika Lippert 43, Nurse


'Dorota, thank you for your kindness and the wonderful treatments you have given me over the years.  They have given me wonderful support in times of need.'

Kerry, Jewellery Designer


'I feel my old self again.'

Linda (60), Retired Business Owner


'I am a busy City businessman working at an intense pace during the day and then often late into the evening. Then I have an equally busy and intense commitment to my voluntary work as a press spokesman for the main Polish organization in the UK and I run a number of voluntary projects that are equally demanding of my time and have a high media profile. Apart from that I have been battling for 3 years with my insurance company over the subsidence of my property and also half-coaxing half-urging my 17 year old reluctant son through his A levels. So my life is an unforgiving round of hard work, unbearable tension and lack of sleep.

Of course Dorota and her treatment cannot take away the pressures but thanks to her I can remain focused on my different conflicting tasks and make sure that the self-discipline required to ensure an early night is there. It is not just the physical effects of her acupuncture that help me to prioritise my tasks, but also her ability to listen, to be a mentor and to give a diagnosis.  Without her I could just not continue.'

Wiktor Moszczynski (61), City Administration Manager


'A cycle of sessions have helped me to recover energy and internal equilibrium.'

Patrizio (60), Teacher


'I have suffered fibromyalgia for 5 years with agonising pains of the legs, especially during the night. After inconclusive medical and specialist visits, various analysis completed, radiography, CAT, BMD and magnetic resonance with the traditional farmacological therapy, etc.
I have tried acupuncture with Dorota Kowal
In less than 10 sessions
I have cured myself completely
Well done Dorota
Thank you
Two years have passed and I feel good
You have liberated my body
I recommend you to be followed by Dorota
She is very professional
If you want you can verify with my over the phone (+39) 328 6955830

danila maneri'


'I received numerous acupuncture treatments from Dorota over several months.  My health benefited greatly from these treatments, both physically and emotionally.  My digestion and circulation improved.  I felt calmer as well as more balanced and present in my body.  I also felt more vibrant, energetic and optimistic.  Dorota is a caring and compassionate person and a gifted and intuitive healer.  I highly recommend her to you if you want to enjoy optimal health.'

Elizabeth (52), Attorney


'I have suffered back pain for some years. Being a regular runner, the discomfort was becoming more acute after my sessions of training or after the races. I have given many tries (orthopaedist, phisiotherapist, chiropractor) with improved results but unfortunatelly after-effect on the back persisted. Then, with a good dose of scepticism, I have approached acupuncture. The first time, I have not had great results. Afterwards, my friend chiropracter has suggested to me Dorota. With Dorota we have decided on a session of 6 treatments of acupuncture. My back pain is definitely gone (and it has already passed a year). Further, it has made me reflect (and overcome) critical points of my approach to difficulties that we meet day after day, and it helped me overcome those.

I know that it may seem an article of a friend in favour of Dorota and of her method of classical acupuncture of five elements, but this is what has happened. And the minimum I can do is this testimony and bring it out to thank her for the results obtained.'

Antonio (51), Clerk


'I felt very out of balance and out of contact with myself. Each treatment gave me more equilibrium and a new strength. I found a new determination to act in my best interest.'

Erin (51), Export Agent


'I never imagined how much this treatment would have helped me. It wasn't my idea to start it and I wasn't too keen but I now talk about it to everybody.  It has helped turn a lot of things around in my life and I now feel ready to start my life in a positive way.  The treatment has helped me become capable of understanding the cause of my problems, both psicological and physical and this brings me one step closer to resolving them.  I feel much more ambitious, energetic and am becoming aways more aware of what I really want, and need.  Since I began the treatment I have started getting to know and accept myself, when I want to do something I just do it.  Other than the effectiveness of the treatment, Dorota is a very wise person and her advice and ideas alone are as helpful as the treatment itself.'

Francesca McKay (21)